The “monstruous” Creatbot DG, one of the biggest FDM printers today available.

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Just a first preview of the new DG Creatbot, one of the largest filament deposition printers ever. With a useful volume that exceeds the 216 liters ( 60x60x60 cm ) , the machine may print in only three pieces an human body with an height of 1.80 cm in 1 : 1 scale.

creatbot 3d printer DG PNG

Built with enough strength to ensure the maximum stiffness, DG uses a one-piece frame in high thickness steel, welded, hardened and powder coated.
The massive work surface is  an aluminum plate, moved by two ball screws with preloaded spring, and runs on four monumental lapped cylindrical guides with a diameter of 18 mm. The architecture of the XY movement is the proven ” CoreXY ” .

creatbot 3d printer DG down

The printing group (Bowden type) can accommodate from one up to three extruders, with nozzles ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 mm . The extruders are individually adjustable in height with a screw mechanism. The maximum operating temperature is 400 °, and opens the possibility of using virtually any currently available filament.

The power is supplied with robust motors, mechanically geared with a 10: 1 ratio . The sprockets drag, with straight teeth, have a diameter of 20 mm to ensure a sufficient torque and reduce the risks of grinding of the filament during the retractions. The diameter of standard filament is 3.00 ( 1.75 mm optional ).

The presence of sensors which detect the power interruption allows for an hassle-free exchange at the end of the filament coil

creatbot 3d printer DG 1

Among other available features, I like to point out the automatic resumption of processing in case of a sudden power outage. This function is implemented in the firmware particularly well: in front of a temporary power failure, the machine instantly lower the work surface of 5 mm (to avoid that the hot extruder remains in contact with the model). The job can then be resumed with a simple button. Consider the potential print size, and the fact that the printer may need to work for several days, the presence of this feature is absolutely providential, to avoid having to throw an expensive printing because maybe it is inadvertently tripped over the power cord.

On the front, the now familiar (and comfortable) control panel with 9 polls multifunction buttons, which allow you to control in real time virtually all the printing parameters.

The print quality, also considering the size, it is also absolutely valid even on small models: the machine can work with the 0.04 mm layers, although of course by printing with these parameters could result in biblical times for large prints.



creatbot 3d printer model horse

creatbot 3d printer models 5

creatbot 3d printer 2 models

Creatbot printers are distributed in Italy by ShareMind.



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